Bem vindo ao IDERCEXA

Esta área está reservada aos parceiros e investigadores que colaboram no projeto IDERCEXA.


IDERCEXA | Investigación, Desarrollo y Energías Renovables para la mejora del tejido empresarial en Centro, Extremadura y Alentejo
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What is Idercexa?

The general objective of IDERCEXA is to promote the promotion of R+D+i in business sectors with a strong presence in the EUROACE zone.

IDERCEXA consortium

The project has the cooperation and exchange of the know-how of its partners, public and private entities that invest in the research, conception and implementation of new technological solutions.

Our Goals

There are three objectives that guide the progress of the work: specific objectives, quantifiable in quality and quantity.


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Our Partners

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The IDERCEXA Project has a duration of three years, whose calendar presents different phases of development and growth.

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